Monday, October 13, 2008

Hall Davidson knows anything and everything about copyright and fair use for educators and even provides seminars for those who want to know how to survive without breaking the copyright law. Here are some of the great features of his website.

1. A cheat sheet that simplifies the wealth of information on what you can do and what you can't do. The website has a larger chart - but this is easier to view on your computer screen.
2. After you've spent a significant amount of time studying the chart, try your hand at Quiz 1.
3. Once you pass quiz 1, move on to Quiz 2.


Luke said...

Copyright do's and dont's can be confusing. You are right that the chart really seems to help organize and simplify this complicated issue.

Cloudscome said...

Yes I like Davidson's site very much. I printed out his chart and laminated it to hang by our school copiers. He has a lot of common sense.

LibraryGirl said...

Great idea with posting the chart at the copier!

Jessica Modrzejewski said...

Your blog has a very different approach -- and it works! Your blog is easy to follow and your classmates are doing a nice job with it. Great work!
Mrs. M.