Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The History of Fair Use

Hello Everyone,
Before I delve deeper into each aspect of fair use, I thought I should go through how fair use came about and the reasons why it is there. Of course, I stumbled on this information while I was searching out more specifics for each part of fair use. Anywho, fair use was not always part of the copyright law. The law was strict in protecting the rights of authors. However, it became apparent that people wanted to use certain material for educational purposes. Thus, the fair use law made exceptions for when copyrighted material could be used without actually violated the copyright law.
When finding out if something passes under fair use, all tests are considered as a whole, meaning not passing one test does not necessarily mean you can't use the copyrighted work. I will post later on this topic.
Simpson, C. (2005). Copyright for Schools: A Practical Guide, fourth edition. Worthington, Ohio: Linworth Publishing, Inc.


Cloudscome said...

Your blog looks great! I really like the conversational style and the personal touches. It looks like you are going to be very thorough about covering "fair use" and copyright too. Thanks!

The Lewis Family said...

I'm interested in learning more about the tests associated with copyright. Looking forward to reading more.

-Jamie Lewis

Julia Elloff said...

I like how you called them "fear factors" in your first post and I think it's interesting how you've broken your topic down- makes people want to keep reading!

LibraryGirl said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies! Hopefully this will help calm some 'fears' about fair use! :-)